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We have news. Well, truth be told, it’s been brewing for a while. We received our 12A and 80G registrations and we are elated! Elated and nervous.

What does this mean for Aagaaz?

We don’t have to pay taxes anymore. Even when we do public shows, we will be exempt from paying entertainment tax.

It also means that anyone who donates to Aagaaz (in fiscal year 2018-19 and beyond) receives 50% tax exemption on the amount donated.

Why are we nervous?

Well, Aagaaz is growing, and it makes us nervous, and we celebrate this nervousness, because this what facilitates our performance. It helps us hold on to our values and vision.

Why are we writing this?

With an intent to also explore the possibility of generating dignified and enriching livelihoods through arts, our entire core group is training to become theatre practitioners. Five of the members work part time with the organisation as drama educators and the entire group performs plays nationally in a professional capacity.

We at Aagaaz relentlessly question ‘what is’ to probe ‘what could and should be’ to learn ways to act and perform beyond just the stage.

Our vision for the next five years is to become a sustainable arts based organisation that is inclusive and transformative. While we have made great strides towards being inclusive and transformative, sustainability is still a huge concern, and that’s the reason we are reaching out to you.

What have we changed?

As an organisation that believes in soul v/s scale, we are at the moment working with 160 children in depth. With the Core Group, over the last three years we have begun to see tangible ripple effects in their families and the community. Girls for whom completing schooling was improbable are aspiring for university education, traveling outside the city for shows, and have a deep understanding of their bodies and relationships. Being from the community, and being able to understand themselves and the world they live in through multiple perspectives, they are now able to understand developmental concerns that plague their lives. They are already able to face these challenges with strength and positive action. Members of the core group are now beginning to attend regular college (first in their families), gaining admission in Delhi University through the ECA Quota in Theatre. We are supporting their academic endeavours through financial (and moral) support.

We hope to be able to reach 2000 children annually in the next three years as more of our group member become drama based facilitators. To be able to keep up with the vision, our team has grown as has our scope of work. Our fixed costs have thus increased.

In Aagaaz, we have developed an evolving pedagogy to work with children – experiences that help them understand their selves, their relationship with their immediate community and the larger world. They are able to understand that they are not a single story/label, they are multiple stories. They are able to imagine possibilities for their lives that have been unimagined for generations and find ways of achieving them. 2 more of our core group members are in college now and we need support with their fees. and find ways of achieving them.

We hope you will donate to Aagaaz and add to the work that is continuing. You could donate in amounts big or small, in lumpsum or in instalments. You can even decide which aspect of our work you are interested in funding. Amounts can be transferred or deposited directly in Aagaaz’s account or be picked up by one of us if you are in Delhi/NCR.

We would also love for you to help us spread the word – individuals who would like to join our community as well as companies who are looking for organisations to support with their CSR funding. Armed with our two certifications, we are now eligible for institutional funding.

You can transfer the money through NEFT or IMPS or write a cheque in the favour of Aagaaz Theatre Trust

The details of our bank account are:

Name – Aagaaz Theatre Trust
Bank – ICICI
Branch – C 18, SDA, New Delhi-16
A/C number – 182505000182
IFSC Code – ICIC0001825