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Working with a group of young people can lead to a lot of interesting realizations and open up new challenges. In 2015, Nishant helped us set up the ‘MentorOne’ program to help bridge academic gaps. The idea was to ensure that each young actor has one person who can engage with them consistently.

In April 2016, we decided to re-design this program. Now we are in the process of creating an adult community and support system. We are working towards creating sustainable one-on-one relationships based on interests and personal needs.

At the moment we have people working on diverse areas creative writing, direction, art, craft, mathematics, language and dance!

Beautiful connections are happening and we are all getting to learn about ourselves and our areas of growth.

Our meet-ups and interactions between the mentors are also interesting opportunities for reflection and learning.

Do check out the ‘Work with us’ page if you’re interested in being a Mentor with Aagaaz.