Workshop on counseling skills for mentors- By Priyam Jain


Priyam (Nagina’s Mentor) is a trained counseling psychologist with a specialization in using art based therapies. Over the past few months while listening to the various narratives of Aagaaz mentors, she had an urge to share some concepts and ideas with the hope that they would empower both the mentors and their mentees to have more meaningful conversations. We had a great time interacting with her on 24th June and she has shared her reflections from this session. 

I was lucky to have found a highly willing bunch of mentors, who were ready to jump in to deepen their understanding of counseling. I loved that people brought in personal examples from their own experiences with counselling and catharsis.
The method of delivery was fairly dialogical, making room for sharing personal narratives and addressing curiosities.
I did feel that I could have made the conversation more relevant by helping us discuss and  practice some real life obstacles with our mentees.
What I am very happy about it is that our vision  to make the mentoring meet- a space more owned by mentors rather than Aagaaz core team, came a step closer.
I wish I had been better prepared to practice the skills of counselling in crucial conversations that people have in real life.

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