Our Team

Founder and Artistic Director


Sanyukta Saha

Sanyukta is an Applied Theatre practitioner based out of Delhi, India. She is excited about the possibilities that making theatre and performance spaces create for people from diverse backgrounds. With more than a decade of practice panning rural and urban India and briefly the UK, she has explored drama in education, therapy, and community building with young people, educators, parents, and arts practitioners. She stepped into Hazrat Nizamuddin Basti in October 2009 as the Arts Education Programme Coordinator with Aga Khan Foundation in October 2009. This is when she started working with some of the present core group members of Aagaaz, who were attending the MCD Primary school in the basti at that time. Her relationship with the children outlived her employment with the organization and she has been nurturing madness at Aagaaz since 2015. She is also a Behavioural Consultant with Maynard Leigh Associates. A graduate in English Literature from Hansraj College in Delhi University and postgraduate from the University of Leeds in Theatre and Development Studies, she is an Inlaks Scholar. She has been mentored in her journey to strengthen  Aagaaz by Unlimited Delhi, ARThink South Asia and Changelooms Fellowship.

The Others..


Devika Bedi

Devika spends her time walking frantically, staring at walls, drawing fish and drinking coffee, when she is not fulfilling her duties as Sanyukta and Baan’s minion. She graduated from Centre for Learning, Bangalore in March, 2015, took a life-changing gap year and then created chaos for a while at Swaraj University, Udaipur. She has a keen interest in education and working with people. She also enjoys working with her hands and wants to explore arts as a medium for education. Devika has been full time at Aagaaz since May, 2017, where she enjoys mentoring, designing learning spaces, working on sexual and reproductive health session, engaging with bigger questions,  learning about theatre and simply interacting with the kids who bring out the crazy in her!


Nishant Paul

Nishant claims that he is utterly confused and engaged with the world, both in his own way. For now he is trying to enable varied learning for children and himself, with an open minded approach. He has previously worked with Ambuja Cement as a graduate Engineer in Bhatinda and Darlaghat.

This was followed by a completely new trajectory as he joined India Fellow and engaged with Kumaon Grameen Udyog and Aarohi in Uttarakhand. He recently worked with an alternative school called Sinchan in Bhuj and is now with us at  Aagaaz, giving shape to the mentoring programme and the upcoming learning centre.


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