We believe that in the process of performing, or ACTing, both the performer, by being witnessed, and the audience, by witnessing, is transformed.

We have four plays in our repertory at the moment with plans to add two more in 2019-20. Duniya Sabki (directed by Sanyukta and Muzammil), Raavan Aaya (directed by Neel Sengupta), Bhagi Hui Ladkiyan (directed by Dhwani Vij), and Ghar (developed by Sanyukta under the mentorship of Sarah Argent and Kevin Lewis of Theatre Lolo as a project under Think Arts), are currently traveling to various venues and schools across the country.

We create performances that raise questions and urge the audience to engage in dialogue with pertinent issues of our times. We believe in telling powerful stories rather than disseminating messages. We believe that everyone has the capacity to be curious, imaginative, think critically, and act consciously. By connecting to universal emotions and taking our audiences through a journey of ‘feeling’ we hope to affect thoughts and perhaps, action

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