My first encounter with the Drama in Education Jams- Dikshant Sharma



I came to know about DiE jams through a post published on Facebook.
It sounded quite interesting for it came across as a free, open space to brainstorm and explore endless possibilities.
A space to use and explore drama as an educational tool through various methods and activities, was naturally inviting.
The session turned out to be no less than expected. It was a fusion of several energisers, creative drama exercises and reflections; carried out by every individual present.
Since everyone had acquired and adopted the art in their own unique way, the possibilities to explore, and ideas generated in a single session were remarkably impressive.
To sum it up, it was an open, liberal space where one could engage with smart and like-minded individuals in order to create a methodology, thereby, applying theatre to education.

DiE Jams (Drama in Education Jams) by Sanyukta Saha


An organic space for those who work with people using drama to come together and jam. The few principles that exist currently are:
Whoever’s present to Jam is the right person.
Whoever’s there participates.
Use this space to try exercises/experiences.
If your exercise or game needs specific material or object, bring it along.
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The number of applied drama practitioners is growing and yet there is a sense of either working in isolation, or existing in niches. The attempt is to create a space that runs without a meta-facilitator even, planned and curated by only the people in the room. That too, democratically.

The brainchild of Jehan Maneckshaw of Theatre Professionals and Drama School Mumbai fame, he has found co-conspirators in Aagaaz. The first Jam took place on the 9th of July and we figured that this random idea can actually float and be.

Basement, C5, Nizamuddin West

Second Sunday of every month 9am to 11.30 am. Next date: 13 August 2017.

Drama educators, theatre practitioners, drama enthusiasts, anyone willing to spend 2 and a half hours on a Sunday, playing and learning.
What can you do?
If you are still reading, you might be curious about being a part of this space in some way? Please don’t hesitate in getting in touch with Mridula at 9818015880 or Sanyukta at 9873853348.

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