Ismail Sheikh is a founding member at Aagaaz Theatre Trust. He has performing professionally in plays from the organization’s repertoire since 2015. As an actor and co-director, he has been a part of plays that have performed in theatre festivals, school, public performance venues, public spaces, and many national level events. Ismail, is possibly the most sincere and hardworking member of the core group of Aagaaz. He has grown into a confident performer with an exceptional talent when it comes to movement based work. He played one of the lead roles in Raavan Aaya, and while his performance was exceptional, what stood out was his ability to reflect on the play and his character. At 18, his ability to think critically alongwith his knowledge of history and current goings on in the world, would make him an asset to any theatre group/ company. If not in a theatre workshop, he is very often found debating something or the other
with any group of people willing to engage.
A while back, he made it to PGDAV College’s BA Programme course through ECA quota in Theatre.
He is learning to be a theatre maker and facilitator.

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