Jasmine Sachdev

Jasmine did her bachelors in Political Science Hons. hoping to be a journalist, however, she has been in the education sector since the past 7 years now and absolutely loving it.

She has been a fellow with Teach For India, worked as a teacher with Ark(Peepul) and has been a Coach for Teach For India’s blended teacher training program Firki. She is also a theatre artist and feels dancing helps her connect to herself the most. As during her schooling she learnt more from doing creative arts outside the classroom than being inside the classroom, she wishes to explore creative arts in education for holistic development of individuals. She also has worked on small projects with the Roundhouse and Arts for Social Change India and is currently working on Project Anjuman with Creatnet Education and the Delhi Government which aims to build creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication in children through visual and performing arts. She is currently studying Drama and Movement Therapy in London.

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