Muzammil is a founding member of Aagaaz Theatre Trust. He has performing professionally in plays from the organization’s repertoir since 2015. As an actor and co-director, he has been a part of plays that have performed in theatre festivals, school, public performance venues, public spaces, and many national level events. He continues to surprise all the facilitators with his astute sense of stagecraft and his engagement with theatre as a language. He is also quite exceptional in terms of his abilities as a director and a leader. On multiple occasions he has facilitated creative processes with Aagaaz, the last being a new version of our constantly adapted production Duniya Sabki – taking a close look at demonetisation and what it meant for people around him. He chose to work with the language of physical theatre rather than words to tell the story.

A while back, he made it to Zakir Hussain College’s BA Programme course through ECA quota in Theatre. He learning to be a theatre maker and facilitator.

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