Etymologically drama comes from the Greek word for ‘to do’. Extending it further to how the word is understood at present, drama creates a space for us to think, feel and do. Aagaaz’s applied drama practice creates possibilities of thinking, feeling and taking action even beyond the rehearsal and performance spaces. Ajab Gajab as a program encapsulates the philosophy and being of Aagaaz’s existence. At the heart of drama is the need to tell and listen to stories, a universal human need. Our pedagogy is informed by the need to replace single stories with the possibilities of being conscious to multiple stories. A single story is often a label or the dominant discourse— children lack agency, men are strong, resources are endless, etc. We work to build the ability to think critically by hinging on each child’s inherent curiosity and ability to imagine. By creating a space to explore and dialogue, single stories are revealed as what they are— one perspective in the gamut of many possible perspectives.

Drama, being true to its ability to explore multiplicities, also allows for the exploration of other art forms within it. Our methodology thus allows us to weave into the process, elements of music, visual arts, and movement.

We engage with the world through the lens of stories and that’s what defines our pedagogy. The sessions as well the journey will be structured in a three step format— Tune In, Engagement, and finally Sharing-Reflection-Closure.

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